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The purpose of this UW ECHO network is to develop and provide ongoing support for service providers and other professionals working with individuals who receive services from the Wyoming 1915c Medicaid Waiver Services program. The UW ECHO team has worked in collaboration with the Wyoming Department of Health Medicaid Services and Behavioral Health Unit, as well as WyHealth and other key stakeholders to develop this UW ECHO network.

The curriculum for the network will include areas of practice and learning that will support specific situations from each individual waiver program in the areas of Children's Mental Health, Aging and Long Term Care, and Developmental Disabilities.

About the Ethical Responsibilities Mini-Course

Contact hours you can earn in this mini-course: 5

Session topics:

  • Challenges in Substituted Decision Making
  • Adult Protective Services
  • Legal Aid of Wyoming
  • Wyoming Medicaid Program Integrity
  • Significance of the Primary Care Provider